We design and execute research projects that enable our clients to make intelligent decisions

Through our well-placed sources and multiple networks embedded across key national government offices, occupying local government and top corporate positions, or leading civil society and grassroots organizations, we are able to provide on-the-ground information for validating desk reviews and testing models. 

With our information technology partners, we are also able to easily build digital platforms and channels for data gathering.


Public Sector Research

Development Plans and Reports

Sectoral Profiling and Stakeholder Analysis

Feasibility Studies and Market Analysis

Business Intelligence

Risk Assessments and Threat Forecasting

Power Mapping and Stakeholder Analysis

Customized Political Intelligence Reporting

Our Research Core

Amparo Pamela Fabe

Director for Research
Insurgency and Terrorism | Transnational Crimes | Economic Policies

Reynaldo Noveno

Director for Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence | Due Diligence and Investigations | Social Movements

James Roman

CEO and Research Manager
Disaster Risk | Conflict and Development | Social Protection | Humanitarian Aid

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