Development Planning

Online Mentorship Program

Our response to the challenge of capacitating local government units (LGUs) absorb broader functions and roles under full devolution

Workshop Topics

Each workshop is implemented across six online sessions with the goal of preparing the components of the development plan relevant to the topic. Host local government units are welcome to invite civil society organization partners and other policy stakeholders to participate in the sessions and enlist them in the online support group platform.

Climate Change Adaptation

Guide your constituents amidst a rapidly changing global climate and establish monitoring systems to mitigate impact and respond with innovative adaptation measures.

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Disaster Risk & Resilience

Achieve zero to minimal casualties in the wake of environmental, man-made, and public health calamities and establish institutions and programs towards resilience by building back better.

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Tourism & Eco-Tourism

Capture the evolving preferences and demands of domestic and international tourists through integrated tourism circuits, information services, and facilities that stimulate local economic development.

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Gender & Youth Development

Mainstream women, LGBTQ, and youth agendas into development and policy instruments and promote gender sensitivity and youth leadership.

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Peace & Order, Public Safety

Counter violent extremism leading to terrorism and strengthen community action against criminality and dangerous drugs in a holistic and rights-based approach.

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Sustainable Livelihood Development

Implement programs that promote community-based enterprises by connecting them to market and financing opportunities and enhancing skills and capacity.

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