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Recognizing the immense potential of technical as well as scholarly research routinely produced and generated by academic/research institutions and parallel entities in the corporate sector towards stimulating innovations and enhancing rigor in local public policy research, the CITELOCAL Coalition, through this Guide, hopes to bring the distinct dynamics of local policymaking processes within the horizon of knowledge producers.

It is our hope that with a more familiar understanding of the landscape, processes, actors, language, as well as the specific needs of local policymakers and policy stakeholders, knowledge producers may be able to more effectively communicate the local policy impact of key research findings or scholarly reflections. With the ultimate goal of building bridges and facilitating synergy under a whole-of-nation approach towards maximizing the opportunities of enhanced local autonomy under a fully devolved local governance structure, we seek a convergence of efforts among public, private, and civil society knowledge producers sharing a common passion for community empowerment and local development. We hope that you can also share this guide to your peers and networks so we can altogether communicate right to make research matter.


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