Development Planning Online Mentorship Program

A series of high-impact and output-driven workshops and on-demand online support for local government unit (LGU) departments and staff in preparing key policy instruments, planning reports (e.g. DRRM, LCCAP, CLUP, GAD, etc) required by national government agencies and other entities. Offered in partnership with the Balikatan sa Kaunlaran (BSK) National Foundation, Inc. 

Support Towards Increased Technical Capacity

We provide technical writing, data interpretation, and policy development support to LGU departments and staff, enabling them to submit mandatory reports on time and go beyond mere compliance. 

More than Just A Training Seminar

We believe that continuous learning interventions and sustained guidance on top of periodic trainings and seminars are key to deepening knowledge and strengthening absorption of technical capacity.


Policy Communications & Social Media Mentorship Program

Designed to assist LGUs develop their online media presence  for communicating policies, programs, and other information to their respective publics effectively and appropriately, this workshop series  will empower public information and community affairs officers and prevent public relations crisis situations that can damage institutional integrity and the government’s reputation in general.

Collaboration for High-Impact Engagement

We guide participants in developing content and materials that reflect the organization’s or agency’s advocacies and public relations goals as well as appropriately communicate policy objectives. 

Beyond Visuals & Design

We translate data, research, and policy or advocacy related information to build support coalitions and bridge alliances between constituents, stakeholders, and organizations or agencies.


Community-Based Livelihood & Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

Designed to assist LGUs and their grassroots-based CSO partners in sustaining and expanding livelihood and entrepreneurial interventions at the community levels, the program provides business and product development mentorship, marketing support, and organizational growth and values formation coaching for community beneficiaries (including their institutional – government or non-government – partners.

Organizational Formation & Market Entry Support

We coach community members and their leaders to maximize the resources provided them by their benefactors, cultivate relationships, and expand networks and other opportunities.

Community-Drawn Narratives for Market Engagement

We guide community members in articulating their livelihood enterprise to develop a brand or organizational identity that connects with their target audience through high-impact marketing initiatives.