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Do we need to suffer another pandemic before we start disposing infectious waste properly?

About the CITELOCAL TAWID DUNONG Advocacy Decks

With a goal of making research more accessible to local policymakers and industries, the CITELOCAL Coalition’s Advocacy Decks aim to capture scholarly and scientific insights from the work of the coalition’s Tawid Dunong and THESISIT! Research and Policy Fellows in strategically-oriented presentations that directly respond to what policymakers need to know in order to adopt research-backed evidence into appropriate policy instruments.

In this third issue  of the CITELOCAL Coalition’s Advocacy Decks, we present a policy advocacy  based on a study conducted and published by a team of academics led by Dr. Jean Guillasper, Dean of the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology on the imperative to address medical waste management especially in the context of elevated risks from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Dr. Guillasper is one of the Research Fellows of the CiteLOCAL Coalition’s Tawid Dunong Fellowship Program and is a recognized advocate of health and safety issues in local communities. 

This issue was also made possible with the support of One Top Medical Systems Resources – a leading medical equipment, devices, and health solutions company in the Philippines. One Top is the exclusive distributor of the globally recognized Tesalys line of medical waste management equipment and facilities. 

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