In the Philippines,
all politics is local.

We know best how the local works.



We conduct a wide range of commissioned research and develop knowledge products for private and public sector clients.


We provide strategic advise, activate coalitions, and build platforms bridging clients to policy decision makers. 


We design and implement bespoke training modules across our core fields of expertise for public and private organizations.


Political and Security Risks

Embedded in both academic and policy circles, our consultants possess a unique perspective in forecasting what matters to key state and non-state decision makers and societal movers, the extent to which they will and can act to achieve their respective goals, and the consequences of their actions to business and society.

Sustainability, Energy, Environment, and Resilience

Our consultants have provided strategic advise, designed programs, and conducted capacity development interventions for national and local governments, companies, and non-profits across concerns in disaster management, climate change adaptation, and ecological conservation.

Youth Behavior, Gender Inclusivity, and Workforce Upskilling

Our long-term and continuing engagements with students, youth organizations, grassroots communities, and small and medium enterprises provide us with on the ground insights on sectoral issues, demographics, socio-political moods, as well as preferences crucial for expanding market reach and mobilizing support.

"Information from the source are essential. But it takes a deeper understanding of the delicate dynamics and situational contexts to determine the usefulness as well as credibility of source information.

CLICDPH consultants are embedded where these information daily unfold."

James Roman, MSc., MPA

Chief Executive Officer